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David Trimble Guide Service
Sam Rayburn Resovior
Hello, my name is David Trimble. I have been activily guiding on Sam Rayburn for the past 15 years. I am one of the most established crappie guides on the lake. I do however, frequently guide for bass. In general, spring and fall are prime times of the year for crappie. Bass fishing can be good from September through June, depending on the severity of the winter.

Ice chests full of slab crappie are common. I fish with a lot of children and their parents. The kids usually enjoy it and I have a good time fishing with them.

I offer guided trips for bass or crappie, up to 3 persons max in my bass boat. Pontoon boat available for larger parties. Eagle watching and lake tours, all accomodations available. Thank for your visit.
Updated at least weekly.

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